Friday, 30 July 2010

Inside my home - Part 1

A few other bloggers have recently done 'inside my home' posts - so I thought I'd share mine with you. Today is my kitchen. I spend the majority of my time in my kitchen, as it doubles up as my work room. I like to work in there as its light, bright and I'm only next door to the computer, and to outside.
My house was built in 1908. I live in a terraced  house, which has a garden at the back and nice high ceilings. Even though it may be small in floor area - the high ceilings really make a big difference to the feel - it feels bigger than what it is. It was bought by a builder before we bought it, and it was completely gutted and renovated. Not that I minded that. They did it quite plain, so it was good to make our own. Michael and I both love mid century furnishing, so we have quite  few pieces, but we also like modern stuff too. I like the mixture of the old and new in our home.
So, here is the view I see when I walk into my kitchen....
'Scuse the mess - I was mid jewelling!
I like my blue and yellow tiles - already in when we bought the house - and we painted the kitchen yellow as it was originally blue.
This is an original 60s bread bin. One of our first purchases when we moved in nearly 7 years ago. I use my 2 tier cake stand as a fruit bowl, and the cupcake trinket bowl is our butter dish! I love Alessi stuff, so thats where the kitchen roll holder (rabbit with carrot) and the little pink man hanging in the jar is from.
The home for orphaned vintage glasses. I dont think we have a matching pair! I love them all. We have more than this too, but some are put away for when we smash one :(
Repro kitchen towels - The donut one is from an Australian dollar shop - sent to me as a present by a friend. The 70s mushroom one is from Urban Outfitters in NYC - also a gift.
This is above the sink. The original 50s spice rack was still in its original cellophane packet and was 10p from a car boot years ago. The gocco art print is from Apak Studio - I have a few different ones by this
artist, I love them. 
My fave 60s cooking dish and plate
My moomin mugs. I love the moomins! These are my pride and joy. Michael is under strict instruction not to stack them more than 2 high.....most were gifts, but I bought myself the orange hattyfatteners mug from
Moomin World in Helsinki airport. I was like a kid in a sweet shop!
The other side of my kitchen. Repro atomic clock, 50s style hot dog sign, and another Apak Studio print. The funny clown thing is a 60s kids toy, my pink cadillac toy car and Alessi egg cup sit on our microwave.
This is the view from our kitchen window. Note rubbish raining British weather! Its been like this for weeks
now - boo :(
And I saved the best until last. Our original 60s Habitat dining table and chairs. This is my favorite vintage thing I own bar none. We got it in our local Salvation Army for £20 about 3 years ago. It was a mess  - I spent hours cleaning it, and it needed to be re-upholstered. I managed to find some original 60s deadstock fabric that matched pretty well for the chair seats and cushions.
So thats my kitchen.....I'll be doing other bits and bobs of my house sometime soon....


  1. Fab, I love your mis matched glasses, they look so cool, I wouldn't worry about only finding singles, you seem to find good singles!

  2. I can see why that dining room table and chairs is your favorite...WOW! How fun! Definitely worth all the work you put into it.

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. Very cool. Glad I discovered your blog!

  3. Hi, really enjoying the blog. Can't wait to see more of your house :)

  4. Very cozy kitchen. Moomins! Thank you for supporting Finland's heritage :)

  5. I love it!!!
    So wonderfully kitsch.
    And guess what, last summer we were offered a dinette just like yours for free but it wasn't our style.

  6. How great to see Hattifatteners again!

  7. You have a lovely kitchen!