Thursday, 22 July 2010

M&S bargains

I am officially an OAP - not only am I shopping at sensible shoe store Clarks, I have just bought some things from British shopping institution Marks & Spencers! (For overseas readers...M&S has been around for 125 years, it caters mainly to 40+ sensible ladies and they do amazing - but expensive - food too!)
I went to buy some curl clips from the Chemist, and M&S was next door with HUGE 50% off sale banners everywhere. You know I'm not one to miss out on a bargain so I thought I would pop in and have a look.
Firstly I spotted these shoes:

They were less than 1/2 price at only £12 (about $18). Love the styling, they would have looked fab with lots of my clothes....but I was super sensible and put them back because they were not a patch comfort wise on the Clarks! They are all plastic so I could alreday feel the material digging in when I tried them on.
Well done me.....but I did tell myself NO MORE UNCOMFY SHOES! Now on to what I did buy...
Pants! Not that I would normally share my underwear with the world, but they are cool arn't they...and at least I'm not wearing them! They were £1 ($1.50)/pair. And I also got this nautical cardi....
A steal at only £9. They had loads of these, think the slight croped nature of the cardi puts people off. I shall be wearing mine however with my high waisted denim pencil skirt so it will be perfect .
The M&S sale is also online by the way if anyone is interested. Right, off to pack for Morcambe and Tutti Frutti Festival...will be back with my weekend piccies next time :)


  1. The sale has only just started cos when I went in on Monday it wasn't on - booo! Might have to walk down into town tomorrow....

  2. Cute panties, or knickers...I could have used them back in April 2009!

  3. My nephew has just started working there part time , he has 20% off so might wander down and embarrass him until he he lets me buy something with his discount!

    Haven't been in M&S for years. I remember their chocolate was lovely and I'm always a fan of PerUna clothes when I spot them at CS and booties.

  4. oh I don't think M&S is old lady shopping, I've shopped in there since I was a teenager but only for certain things, knickers, PJs, work attire (when I worked for other people), sweaters, lordy you name it!

  5. I was thinking the same when I saw the shoes in your pic: good looking but the plastic can't feel too good... I've only been in a Marks & Spencer once, in Slovakia. I think it reminded me a lot of a store we have in Finland, called Stockmann, where I go a lot... Me and lots and lots of old ladies :)

  6. I love M&S. Food is really great and clothes fab (apart from they come with the 40+ ladies price tag, which I very rarely want to pay). M&S has the best underwear though!