Thursday, 29 July 2010

Marathon Memories

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of when I ran the San Fransisco Marathon - How time flies!
So, you may be asking...why on earth did I run the SF marathon when
1. I live in England and its half way across the other side of the world and
2. It has MASSIVE hills!
Well, I have been running on and off since my sister Jan got me into it when I was 19. I then got one of my best buddies and life-long exercise partner, Jo into it as a break from the gym about 6 years ago, and after doing some 10k runs, then 1/2 marathons, we decided that we should run a marathon! I knew it was going to be really hard work - neither of us are natural atheletes - but we both have strong willpower, which is a definite must when marathon training. We wanted to do a 'biggie' but London and NYC are always sell outs and you have to go ona waiting list for a few years to get a place. So, we looked at places that had marathons that were big, but not ridiculous and SF came up. So we booked it! (The promise of a holiday as a reward was also a big factor too of course!).
Without waffling on, it took us 6 months of 3 times a week progressivly longer runs. We had blisters, vomiting, runs in the pouring rain and freezing cold, tears (me!), and deer jumping out on us - but we did every training run, bar about 2 I think. It certainly paid off.....we did the run on the day with no problems, and no are a few pics.....I stole a few of these off your FB Jo :) .....
This was taken at about 5am....we started at about 5.20am. They do that so its not too hot..Jo looks radiant,
I was jittery....
Taken at Mile 6. We were running over the Golden Gate Bridge - in the rain! This was about 6.30am
And mile 22. I was a bit fed up at this point. Jo's hubby Mark took the photo. Mark & Michael were on our cheer squad. They took a bus to all the cheer points and waved our Union Jack Flag and rang cow bells for
us whenever we were running by the cheer points!
The finish! You cannot understand how utterly elated I was at this point. Mark filmed me skipping and dancing over the finish line! I think I was a bit delerious....
Confirmed by this photo. The end. 5:14:17. Just a *teensy bit* pleased :)
We went on to have the best holiday ever. My legs were killing me the next day but we still manged to walk up lots of SF hills! The day after I was fine again. I loved SF. I want to go back again sometime. The thrift shopping in Haight Ashbury, fab houses, beautiful scenery and a visit to the Tonga Rooms Tiki bar. This is in the basement of a v. posh hotel called The Fairmont. Its been there for years and is very cool. We had all you can eat buffet for $5/head and happy Hour cocktails. All this while there is fake thunder and lightning,
and it 'rains' in the indoor lake!


  1. Wow well done on the marathon, I've always fancied doing a marathon but I am really not built for running, even when I'm much slimmer, if you know what I mean ;o)

    Also love SF, a LOT, we went years ago and haven't been back since, I think it's time for a revisit!

  2. Wow! I knew you were a runner but I didn't realise that you were that dedicated! I would love to start running again (use the term loosley with me!) but I need to loose weight first and get fitter using other methods or I will knacker my knees again.

  3. Love the Tonga Room! They almost closed it a couple years ago, but people had such an outcry to keep it open it generated a lot of business and it has stayed open!

  4. i love my description as "life long excercise partner!" HEE HEE, it makes us sound really quite dedicated! love the pics, bring back some memories!

  5. This is such an inspiring post! I have been running 4-6 days a week for about 4 and 1/2 years now and I find new ways to love running more and more. However, right now I have this stupid pesky blister on my right in-step that won't go away! I think I need new shoes again. I have tried putting on a plaster but after a mile or so, it just slides off! Talk about frustrating!

    Again, this post is just wonderful and it makes me want to run better!

  6. Thanks folks! It was certainly hard work, but a very satisfying achievement. I said straight after - never again! But I think I would be up for doing another one in the future.....

    Tara - 4-6 days a week you go running?! Wow thats impressive! I didnt even do that when I was marathon training. I do twice a week max at the moment! Re the blister, try putting petroleum jelly on the area that rubs before you put your socks on. This reduces the friction and hopefully the blister. Also try new socks (especially for running)and see how you get on :)

  7. Clare,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the petroleum jelly tip! I did it on Wednesday before my 5 mile run and I had no problems! It was brilliant!

    As for running 4-6 days a week, yes, I am a bit nuts! lol! I love it and I have become quite addicted. I did not get to run yesterday due to my cousins' visiting from Norway. My sister had a dinner party at her house and I had to go there straight away after work. I did not get home until half past 11. Oh well. Tonight, the road and I have a "date!"

    Thanks again for the tip!