Saturday, 3 July 2010

New shoes!

Me and heels/wedges don't really mix. I love them, and have quite a few pairs but sadly they don't get worn much becuase I hate having sore feet and they always rub, hurt, blister etc etc. so I live most of the time in ballerina flats/pumps. Even when I go for a night out, I usually wear flats, or put a pair of flats in my bag in case the heels hurt! I decided that I needed to get some wedges that were 100% comfy - and so have been trawling the shops and online for the past few weeks trying to find something. I struggled to find what I wanted (always too expensive, too high, not the right colour, not the right shape and if they were 'comfort' shoes - they looked too 'granny'!) and FINALLY yesterday, I managed to find some that I liked that met all the criteria...hoorah!
Good old Clarks had a 50% sale on, so I went to my local store and got these:
Super soft cherry red leather 'comfort' wedges. Now I haven't been to Clarks since I was a kid. They make in general 'sensible' shoes - mainly aimed at kids or older people but I just knew that if I got something from here then it would be good quality and most importantly comforatable. They feel like walking on air - I am now a Clarks convert! Just got to save up for some of the Originals range now!
I am of course going to be wearing them this weekend as I'm off to London shortly to visit my friend Kate,
and we are going to see The Jets...... 
At the Ace Cafe...
Woo Hoo!


  1. Hope you have a great time!
    I'm the same, live in flat shows all the time.
    I spotted a lovely pair of brand new red sling back Clarks shoes in a local charity shop for £3 the other day. I was surprised how comfy they were and would have bought them but they were a little too big ;-(
    My sister also made use of the Clarks sale this week and she says her new shoes are divinely comfy too!

  2. Those are cute. And they actually also look really comfortable. And I love your cherryfoot! :)

  3. Love your shoes!
    Not totally happy at the mo, were supposed to go out tonight, I'm at home watching American Splendor and munching on popcorn and blowing my nose. Uhhh...
    Have fun! <3

  4. Thanks Ladies :)
    I had a really fun weekend and I'm pleased to report that the Clarks were super comfy = result!

  5. Rocking shoes. Since I was preggies, I've become so particular what kind of shoes I can wear. No high heels for me really :(