Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pinstriped Purses

As Kustom Kulture Blast Off (The Hot Rod/Striping/Tiki/Rockabilly show I'm trading at) draws nearer...only 5 weeks away...eeeeekkkk!!... I am thinking more and more about getting myself a pinstriped bag (purse).
After all, this would be the best place to get one with so many talented stripers under one roof. Ive collected a few images off the internet of the kind of things that I like....

Nice arn't they? I think I am going to get a black vintage bag and take it with me. I particularly like the top two black bags with the carry handles, so probably something like that with red and cream striping. I dont have a stripe idea in mind - I shall leave that to the artist.
I like the work of  British striper, Melissa Gee, who is the striper who also did the pinstriped wedges for
Rocket Originals........
Argh..jsut seen this lovely sweater on Rocket Originals when I was looking for that pic:
I want it! Hmmm maybe I will get one at Rhythm Riot later this year....I digress...
Melissa also did these cool bags....

Another striper going to KKBO is Sweet Jane. I dont know all that much about her, but I like her stuff too!
Decisions, decisions! If anyone else loves pinstriping (and you don't already have this book) then you should
get a copy of Pinstripe Planet...
And Pinstripe Planet 2! Both showcase the best stripers in the world...awesome.


  1. Do you know, I actually didn't know what pin striping was. Maybe just because I never really thought of it as anything else as pin stripe suits etc. I like the pink bag with the kind of spider web in it!

  2. Mrs M - It is traditionally used on cars and bikes, but I like it on bags :)

  3. Love the bags AND the sweater! Good luck with trading there, we were going to be there but we're doing a big show the weekend before and it would have all been a bit much, would love to know how it goes!

  4. STM - I did wonder if you were going to be there actually. So much planning goes into doing shows so I can fully understand why you dont want to do two in a row!! Im really looking forward to it, but there are alreday loads of cool other stalls going to be there that I know I will want to spend money on - argh! ;)