Monday, 12 July 2010

Rockabilly Dad!

I was looking at some old photos today and came across this one of my dad. For one reason or another, he doesn't have any photos of himself when he was younger...and this is one that his friend, who he recently got back in touch with, scanned and emailed to him. It was taken in 1963 when my dad was 18.....
I love the fact that my dad was a ted! Check out those turn up jeans, winkle pickers and quiff! One super cool daddy-o!
He looks nothing like this nowadays by the way as he is bald! - He is still super cool though :)


  1. Absolutely super coll daddy-o. My dear ol' daddy was a spitting image of young Elvis in his teen's. No so much anymore with bald head - then again, we don#t know how Elvis would have looked in his sixties :)

  2. Thats an awesome photo! Theres one of my grandpa from the 50s and hes standing by his delivery truck lookin super cool. My aunt has it though and wont give it up! :( I want to get it tattooed too!

  3. Mrs M - Yes that is a thought...would Elvis have had a grey quiff, or have been bald too?!
    Atomic Mama - I know, I love it. I just wish he had more pictures as this one is so grainy! Love the idea of your photo as a tattoo...awesome :)