Saturday, 17 July 2010

Super manic week & some bargains

Eek! What a super manic week I have had.....apologies for lack of posts but I had 3 wholesale orders to make (simultaneously  - BAD idea!) as well as designing some kids tees for Too Fast. I have been up until gone midnight every night this week, and back up again at 6.30am, including this morning!
I went into Manchester late morning firstly for the Etsy team meeting at Manchester Craft and Design Centre - pot of tea, warm apple muffin and chat with the creative ladies, which is always a good start to the weekend.
Then I went to drop off one of my wholesale orders at my new stockist - Not for Ponies. This is in Afflecks Palace, which is a really cool building housing loads of alternative, vintage, and up and coming quirky designer/makers. It is one of my all time fave places so really happy to have my jewellery in here. I met Beckie, the owner of Not for Ponies, doing craft fairs. I am really lucky to have met so many nice people through being creative :) This is Beckie's new shop:
She makes super cute clothing and accessories.
And the Dolly Cool Jewellery on the top two rows of the display cabinet - yay!
I then went for a wander round Afflecks (It has 3 large floors) and found a few cool bits in a vintage
shop....these were in a £1 rummage bin; 
70s cushion cover (Brand new deadstock - still had tags on!) This is just perfect as our front room is cream and shades of brown with orange highlights. I got it for our Egg it is in Situ...
I also got this 60s towel for £1. I love vintage towels - the patterns are so much better than todays boring towels!
Then I went for a wander round the 'regular' shops. As you know, I am forever the bargain hunter so I
picked up these steals from H&M:
Bubblegum pink flats - £3
Polka dot tights - £1. These are to be worn on a day when Im feeling brave as they are LOUD! I think I will wear them with a plain black dress and shoes. Or I could wear them with this:
I went food shopping on the way home to Tesco (for non UK readers Tesco is a HUGE supermarket that sells everything you could possibly ever want like WalMart in the US or the European Hypermarkets). As well as the weekly shop, I picked up this super cool polka cardi for £6
Phew! So thats the end to my busy week. I'm going to run myself a bath now and get myself ready for tomorrows car booting! 


  1. i was about to complain about lack of posts, but will forgive you. Have been happy about this weeks dreary weather as have got 2 dollycool cardigan outings as a result! bingo!

  2. The tights and cardi will look great together with black boots or some black flats. Totally great finds for a great price!

  3. Awesome finds. Those tights rocks. I've got so many "loud" tights, which I just haven't had courage to wear yet... maybe some day soon :)

  4. cute the towel and tights..wear the tights and cardi with red shoes..havent came across cute towels like that yet. :)