Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tutti Frutti 50s Fest - Buys

So I thought I'd do our shopping on a seperate post....we did rather well!
First off was at a Charity shop that was near to the antiques centre..yes its another vintage glass!  On its own of course! Another orphan for the vintage glass refuge.....
I've only seen these space print glasses in books, so was thrilled to find it for 20p!
Then we went to the antiques centre and bought...
50's formica dining table - £15. It is in mint condition. The top is cream flecked with red, and the sides are
red flecked with black. This is my new sewing table!
We also picked up this 60's wooden bird sculpture for £4. Again, seen these in books, but never come across one at a car boot/charity shop. For an auction centre, the prices were really quite fair.
Next day when I was setting up my stall, there was another stall holder putting out some of his surplus we snapped up this 50s magazine rack off him for just £3. He had a wicked 50s woven nylon
chair in yellow and black similar to this..

He was practically giving it away, but we have no room for it :(
This morning on the way home, we went to a car boot in Morcambe where I picked up some vinatge bags to revamp, and also this lovely 60's Norwegian little pot (I'm going to use it as a trinket box for earrings):
Nice! And the bargainus price of 50p. I also picked up this oval shaped lucite bagle for 20p:
So thats my weekend. I am sooo tired now!


  1. You made out! You always find some great deals.

  2. you always find such cute retro glasses..the table is so cool.. and oooh lovely pot.good finds.

  3. busy weekend! Love the formica table and a good price too.
    You made some good finds at good prices.

  4. Glad to hear you now have a dedicated sewing table...will this mean you can be twice as industrious and don't have to clear out for tea time?
    Were just back from hols and am feeling very nautical and beach inspired! x

  5. Wow! Such awesome finds! When I saw your Norwegian pot, I had an instant flashback to my childhood! My dad is from Norway and when I was little, we had egg cups and small bowls in that very same cute fish pattern! I wonder if Mum and Dad still have that collection in the attic! I would love to get my hands on it again!

    I am also mad jealous of your table! Too cute! And for such a great price!


  6. oh my, that rockets glass is sooo fab! And the table is wonderful too - jealous!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage