Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tutti Frutti 50s Fest - Friday

Hello! I am back from a fantastic rock n' roll 50s weekender in Morcambe. The sun did shine, but it also (in typical British summertime fashion) absolutely pelted it down too! I'm ging to do 3 posts on the weekend as its a bit much to squish all in Friday....
We got up and it was raining where we live - great start to the weekend! Thankfully, even though Morcambe only takes less than an hour to get there - it was absolutely beautiful when we arrived at our hotel....this is the view from our room...
Lovely! We dumped our bags and headed down the promenade to take a look at the stunning Midland Hotel. This is a fully restored art deco hotel that first opened in 1933. It was sadly left to wreck and ruin until only a few years ago when it was bought by Urban Splash and restored back to its former glory. Here is how it looked just 5 years ago:
And how it looks today....
Stunning eh? They did an amazing job. I'd love to stay there one time when we go to Morcambe, but as you can imagine - its rather pricey!
We had a walk down to the charity shops and  Morcambe Antiques Centre...which was fab! Here are some images off their website of how it looks...rummage heaven..  
We did buy some things but I'm going to do all my weekend finds in another post :)
We had walked quite far at this point, so we got an ice cream...
and walked back to our hotel along the prom...
That night was The Jets at the evening venue, who were fab as last time. Here is my outfit for the evening:
Red and spotty of course! I love this dress. I bought it from H&M about 3 years ago, but the shape is really nice, and it has a full skirt with pockets in. Vintage necklace and bakelite bangles, and my fave Bettie Page cadillac bag. My hair is in Victory rolls, but you can't really tell on the pic. Fringe was not meant to be stuck
up..but its windy at the seaside!!
Here are The Jets on stage....
And me with The Jets! They were lovely. And I just love their matching but slightly different shirts! When Kate and I saw them in London we joked that their mum probably makes their outfits ;)


  1. What a beautiful seaside view! You're looking fab. The dress is just lovely.

  2. The hotel looks divine! So Deco!

  3. great view and pic..would love to go to that was the inside?
    you look gorgeous as always..i love polka dots are classic.

  4. Thanks Ladies :)
    La Dama - The inside is just as lovely as the outside. We didnt go in this year but I saw it last year. It really is a stunning building!

  5. Sweetest Dolly, since I've just "landed" in this blogging world - I must say that I just adore your blog, style and jewellery!
    The hotel - I love it when people restore rather then re-build. It is amazing now!
    Polkadot clothing is just the sweetest thing - red and white or black and white is my favourite dress!
    Have a splendid day!