Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tutti Frutti 50s Fest - Saturday

We woke up on Saturday to a very different was grey and overcast - boo :(
I did know it was supposed to be like this, but you always hope that the weather forecast people have it wrong don't you?!
Anyway, I was having my stall at the daytime event - so it was onwards and upwards and time to get ready. Michael took this B&W of me doing my hair...
And so off to the venue and time to set up stall...
Wearing my new M&S cardi! Not raining at this far so good...
Stall set up and ready for business! I know I have my eyes shut on the pic, but this is the only one so it had to do! I managed  to trade for about 2.5 hours, with a short drizzle shower imbetween. Then, well, it started
throwing it down... 
Me with a big sad face! Thank goodness I had my emergency *waterproof* cover! I actually had to pack up my stuff underneath the cover so It didnt get wet. Nightmare! Oh well, Half a days sales are better than none! Michael took photo of the abandoned deckchairs blown inside out!
The rain just carried on all day and night then. It was really heavy at night. So bad that we went to the night
venue in the car, and I didn't drink. We still had a good time though. Tonights band were the Jive Romeros, who were excellent....
And all the strollers...
There was a raffle on, so I bought £1 worth of tickets. I never normally ever win anything - so I was really pleased when my ticket was pulled and I won this fab patent leather vintage bag:
Which also had in it a matching coin purse and vintage sunglasses - was very pleased :)
A great end to a soggy - but fun - day.


  1. What an awesome price. Those sunglasses are fantastic. Never seen Jive Romeros live but those cats sure do know swing!

  2. love the pic of you curling your hair..cute stall booth..aww thats too bad about the rain..oh and congrats on wining that beautiful purse and sunglasses...looks like you had loads of fun.

  3. The black and white photo of you is stunning! I love the deckchairs pic too, very arty. ;)