Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Weekend hair tryout...

This weekend i am off to the Tutti Frutti 50s weekender in a seaside town called Morcambe, not too far from where I live. We went last year and really enjoyed it, the weather was glorious, great bands and it was super fun. The Jets (who I saw in London a few weeks ago) are headlining on Friday so super looking forward to that. Unfortunetly however, the weather here this week has been absolutely dreadful. Storms and torrential rain the whole time :( I'm REALLY hoping that it picks up for Friday....I am also trading at the event on the saturday day, so wish me luck!
Anyway - popped to the local shops earlier to get some supplies for work, and while in the pound shop picked up some velcro rollers and roller pins on a whim! I have never put my hair in rollers before, but after being inspired by so many of the bloggers I follow who have fabulous hair - I thought I'd give it a go....

On the way home...I popped into my fave charity shop and picked up a few vintage bags to revamp, and this day dress for the bargainous price of 80p (about $1.20):
So here is me with the rollers in...they are much more flattering than yesterday's foils trust me!

Feeling silly in my rollers!

And the top view. Quite neat for a first ever go eh?
The end result...I left them in for about 1.5 hrs. I have super mega straight hair so to have waves in it feels strange - but nice! I will be taking my rollers with me this weekend and having a go :)


  1. Have you tried sponge rollers? They make a smaller curl that holds longer. They are also so comfortable to sleep in!

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. great bargain on the hair rollers..cute dress thats a steal..yes agree always love sponge rollers and perm rods works best for my hair.
    have a great time missy. ;)

  3. oh forgot to add love your new bangs color scheme..I want to do white streaks on my sides ,but im lazy with the upkeep,lol

  4. i use rollers when blowdrying my hair, it give biiig barrel curls very cute! x

  5. Nice rollers :) I've tried them before and it always looks awful! I must try again.

  6. I have super straight hair as well. In the 80s I had a perm that lasted less than a week.

  7. Thanks for all your hair tips ladies!
    Swirly - roll the front ones towards your face, and the back ones away from...thats what I learned off other people :)
    Atomic Mama - I can beat that - I had a perm in the 80s that only lasted a day! It fell right out and was straight again next day...probably a blessing in disguise ;)

  8. I'm so lazy trying hairdos. I usually do curls with hot rollers but they only last for few hours. Sounds like your going to have a rocking weekend. Looking forward seeing the photos.

  9. How odd... I bought some of those rollers the other day with a plan to having some curls.
    Love the drees you found - what a steal.

    I'm sick of this horrible rain and the floods round here. What HAS happened to summer? :-(

  10. Aw, you look cute in your curlers!
    Turned out very nice.