Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Weekend in London

I am back after my weekend in London. Had a brilliant time, the weather was lovely, here is what I got up to....
My friend Kate and I ready to go out and watch the Jets. Kate is my friend who designs for Criminal
Damage and so we are both wearing her creations!  
The Jets at the Ace Cafe. They were brilliant! They played for a good 2 hours non stop. They are 3 brothers and have a really good rapport together. You could really tell that they love what they do and were enjoying themselves and I think that always makes for a great gig. After this, we got the Tube to Soho and went to a dive rock club called St Moritz and had a good old dance to some rock cheese such as Bon Jovi, Kiss and
Next day (sunday) - felt a bit rough....Sooooooooooo not used to going out until 3.30am anymore! Got some picnic goodies and went to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. This is where we sat to have the
Me clowning around on a giant anchor outside the museum....
Which is not allowed...oops! ;)
Then we went on a boat bank to central London across the Thames. This was really fun. The boat went
really fast and we sat at the back and got splashed!! 
Then we went under Tower Bridge....awesome!
That night, we went back to Kates and had a nice quiet night in (still getting over Sat night!) and played scrabble. Which I am rubbish at! Monday morning I came home. On the way back to the train station, I went past a New Look store and popped in to have a look at the sale stuff. I got this fabulous rose carved
bangle for only £1!


  1. thats good you had a lovely look great..cute the bangle..great bargain.

  2. Rock cheese :) Nope, awesome classic bands, I say! Loving the corset you're wearing.

  3. Looks like you had a brilliant time. Nice to see the sailor type shirt worn outside the maritime museum :-)

    Hey, I was in New Look this weekend too. Haven't been in for ages and ended up buying a few bits and pieces myself but sadly no jewellry.

  4. The Jets? No way, I saw them at Birmingham Odeon back in 1981! Can't believe they're still going.
    You and Kate look utterly fab.