Friday, 27 August 2010

Day trip to York

On Wedesday I took a day off and went to the beautiful and historic city of York with my sister and nieces. The reason for the trip was so that my eldest niece, Leah, could go to the University open day to have a look round as she is thinking of going to study there next year. Heres a picture of the front of the Uni:
York is a special place for me, as its where I went to university - the very same one that Leah went to look round, so obviously I am encouraging her to go there. I LOVED it!
I got my 25p cats eye glasses back from the optitions on tuesday, so I decided to give them their first airing (well, on my face anyway!) on our trip. Here are my new glasses:

Note - Im wearing my new initial pin too :)
And the rest of my outfit:
Skirt, shoes and blouse - all charity shop/thrifted. Vintage bag - this is the one I won at Tutti Frutti festival on the raffle, and the spotty silk scarf was a present from Michael. Leggings on under skirt as its a bit chilly now its getting to autumn (seeing as England completely bypassed summer!)
Here are a few pictures of York. It really is a lovely place to visit and you should definetely consider it if you
are an oversees visitor. 
York Minster - I graduated in here :)
The Shambles - The most famous street in York. All the houses lean inwards. Hundreds of years ago, this is where all the butchers and slaughterhouses were. Today its full of gift shops and tea rooms - and LOTS of tourists!
My favorite street in York - Stonegate. At Christmas, it looks absolutely stunning.
And a view of the walls. York is a Roman built walled city. You can actually walk all the way round the walls on the original ledges that the Romans built to patrol the city to keep intruders out!
We of course had to have the obligitory afternoon tea at one of the lovely tea shops too;
YUM :)


  1. Now I envy your glasses even more: looks great! York looks great, too. Both the city and the campus. My friend visited Oxford this summer and said the university/college campuses was so beautiful. And so different from our campuses here in Finland. I hope to be able to go there some day...

  2. Great glasses, i love it.

    I love historic places too. Sounds really nice.

  3. Cool glasses! I just started wearing glasses yesterday, feel very weird, hehe. And oh.. York. It's one of my favorite cities, it's so beautiful and cosy :)

  4. It is so beautiful and so quaint!

  5. You look great! Amazing how a new pair of glasses can jazz up your life.

    York looks absolutely gorgeous. I've never been to England (or anywhere else in Europe, for that matter) and need to start making travel plans. There's so much history there!

  6. York is now on my "must visit" list! So beautiful!
    You look absolutely marvellous with those glases - SO you!

  7. Love York, thanks for featuring it, it's not far from where I grew up, so lots of day trips there when I was a child!