Saturday, 14 August 2010

Flea Market finds - Vintage glasses galore!

This morning as it was actually sunny - shock! horror! (It has rained every day here for a month) - Michael and I decided to go to the Saturday Flea Market. And I'm so glad that we did because I scored big time on vintage glasses - both kinds!
AND you know how I'm always moaning on about how I only find ones of vintage glassware, well today i found SEVEN! 2 of one kind and 5 of another. This never happens!! They were on a house clearance pitch hiding in a cardboard box. I paid the bargainous sum of £1 for all 7 :)))

Set of 2 60s glasses
Set of 5 60s glasses
All are in mint condition - obviously been in somebodys glass cabinet for 50 years or so!
I also picked up two pairs of 50s cats eye glasses - one mens, one ladies for the grand total of 25 pence
(about 45 cents) a pair. What an absolute steal!  
I'm going to keep the ladies pair for myself and get my prescription put in them :) I'll sell the mens pair - I'm sure I'll make a profit on my 25p!!


  1. Those glasses are awesome! I can never find cool glasses here. Not even onesies.

  2. YAY you did it! Well done on such a great find! When you sell the glasses let me know, my husband is always looking for nice glasses, we used to buy when we were in the US but can't afford to go at the moment!

  3. Oh I envy you for the glasses! I just lost my favourite sunglasses and am now chasing a new pair. Those are great, congrats!

  4. I love vintage glassware, and have a hard time passing it up when I find a good deal - even though my kitchen cupboard, and dining room buffet is overflowing.

    But I never find anything quite as cool (or as cheap) as your seven 60's glasses. Good for you!

  5. The glassware and the glasses are awesome! I especially like the glasses with the circle design!

  6. Fabulous! I kept an eye out for glasses for you when we were in France but I only saw shot glasses at the sales we attended.