Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Good Life

The Good Life was a (very popular) 1970's British sitcom about a couple who make a decision to live a sustainable, simple and self-sufficient lifestyle while still living in 'Surburbia'. In pursuit of this "good life", they dig up their front and back gardens and convert them into allotments, growing soft fruit and vegetables. They generate their own electricity, using methane from animal waste, and they even attempt to make their own clothes. They also work at selling or bartering surplus crops for essentials which they cannot make themselves. They try to cut their monetary requirements to the minimum with varying success. The comedy aspect is brought in with very posh (and conventional) next door neighbours Margo & Jerry.

This show has been re-run so many times, and I think its popularity stems from the fact that in the main, it is actually a good idea!
This weekend just gone, I went to see my sister who, at the start of the summer, had converted the end of her garden into a mini allotment for growing vegetables. Just before I came home - we went out with a bag and she harvested me some lovely fresh, organic veg to take home:
Photo taken after it had been washed of course!
It was actually quite exciting to dig up potatos and carrots (must be getting old!), and they smelled and tasted so nice. She has lots of other veg - but its not quite ready yet.
It certainly is 'food for thought' and I am thinking of growing some of my own things next year. Its really quite satisfying, healthy and cost effective to grow your own!


  1. Vegetables from personnal garden are the best.

    I could imagine how it cool to make a own harvest from a personnal garden in town.

  2. Planning, sowing (?), taking care of and harvesting from your own garden is down right de-stressing! I used to have a big garden with all kinds of flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees... I miss it big time! Now I have some herbs in a pot on my porch :)

  3. My Dad used to keep an allotment and he grew the best tasting veg ever, he also used to grow beetroot and jar it, it was the best I've ever eaten!

    I think one day if we have a big enough garden to do so, we'll grow our own, sadly I don't have the time or space right now!

  4. I planted corgettes in containers this year and had a bumper crop until the rain came and killed a lot off. Also got carrots growing in containers and tomato plants.

    I always think me and the dh are like Tom and Barbara - same attitudes to life LOL

  5. What I miss most with not living on the countryside where I grew up is the allotment and the opportunity to have really fresh veggies.

  6. Does anyone know the name of Tom and Barbara's home/property/allotment. We're looking to name our property and I have fond memories of this show and it kind of rings true to our current situation. Our power is coming from solar and soon wind energy. Kitchen hippy