Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I ♥ Vintage Glassware

As most of my regular readers will know, I am a collector of 50s and 60s glassware. We started collecting drinking glasses pretty much as soon as we moved in to our house, about 7 years ago.
We are pretty specific when it comes to what we like - it has to be 50s or 60s, has to have a fabulous pattern on the glass, and it has to be a drinking glass. As much as I do like shot glasses - and I have seen many fabulous patterend ones - we just dont drink shots and dont have anywhere to display them, so we don't buy those. I have lost count of times I've spotted a lovely pattern from far away ona boot sale, rushed over to find out - its a shot glass! Boo :(
Over the years we have found a few pairs - and even once a trio, but mostly its just the one, hense I joke about our 'orphanage' for lonely vintage glasses. I have smashed quite a few (my heart sinks every time!) but we do use all our glasses. I suppose the reason the ones we find are in mint condition is because they have spend 50 years sat in a cabinet, so I always feel bad when one smashes, but we dont have the room to display, and they are too pretty not to use!
Here are some examples of fabulous glassware that I don't own, but I wish I did!.......

One day, a full set WILL be mine! The quest continues.....


  1. I love the frosted souvenir glasses with scenes of different cities or landscapes on them.

  2. I love all of those, it's hard to choose my favourite! I think your orphanage for single glasses is great, you do see sets on ebay but they're not super cheap but then I don't think they're that expensive really either

  3. you know I never seen glasses like that at the boot sales maybe at the charity shops..well atleast you found one of each,lol

  4. I am mad jealous! All of them are so cool! I have been on the hunt for some atomic starburst housewares! I am feeling another Etsy craving again! lol

  5. I'm glad you're using them. Of course it's sad when something breaks, but I think also vintage stuff want to be used!