Monday, 9 August 2010

Inside my home - Part 2

Todays nosey inside my home is my lounge. As previously mentioned, we live in a one hundred year old house that is small on floor area, but that has nice high ceilings which makes the rooms seem bigger. When we moved in we just had plain walls and wood laminate floor which was great for us to make the room our own. Its decorated in shades of brown and has orange highlights. Its a nice mixture of old and new - like the rest of our home.
View as you walk in from our kitchen. I made the curtains and matching cushion covers from one HUGE curtain that I found in a bargain fabric basement. You can see various 50s and 60s bits and bobs in the room, and our 60s egg chair in the bay window.
Our vintage coffee table. Think its 60's. We bought this soon after we moved in from a charity shop in Wales when we were on holiday with friends. Michael and I sat with this on our knees in the back off a (small!) car for a 5 hour journey home praying we didnt have an accident! We didn't :)

Close up of one of the alcove shelves, lots of art and design books, tattoo and vintage magazines. The original 60s anyday magnetic calender was Michael's Grandmas. He remembers to change it every morning!
Facing the other way you can see where I do most of my work - at ye olde computer on a bright orange desk in the corner. I hate laptops! You can see more of Michael's artwork on the walls, abstract this time.
View from the computer desk.
And from the window. More of Michael's art and you can just see my Paul Frank Scurvy pillow sat on top of the sofa! And thats my front room. Tided and cleaned for the photos of course - usually looks a little more messy than this!


  1. Looks really comfy! I really like your area rug too. Im kinda weirding myself out because Ive been looking for one myself and I keep noticing everyone elses great area rugs.

  2. I'd love an old house with character, you already have a good base. Having said that our 60s ex council house is very spacious so for now that will do us!

    Very tidy ;o)

  3. We live in a similar 1910 built terrace house in Liverpool. It's nice to see how other people manage to combine thier retro interior ideas into quite a traditional space. Ours is still a work in progress!

  4. A house with a soul! My apartment is not so big either, but its like yours, a mix of old and new, books and arts :D

  5. The magnetic calender is so cool!

  6. I could live in your place and feel right at home. I love the egg chair.

  7. Thank you all for your nice comments - its my favorite room in the house. It always feels very homely and comfortable,and its always toasty in winter :)

  8. I love the look and design! I also love all the little vintage touches! I really like the vase/scuplture on your mantle! The color is lovely!