Monday, 2 August 2010

Inspirational Artists - Part 1 - Derek Yaniger

As a designer, I am always interested to discover inspirational and talented artists while reading books, visiting galleries and surfing the net. A few years ago, I discovered American artist Derek Yaniger.
Derek creates the most amazing retro styled illustrations and art that really stand out. I just love this type of art - its very 50s in style, really colourful, quirky and funny. Here are a few of his pieces;

He also has a book out filled with his fabulous art...
I just love his work - awesome!


  1. Love his stuff we have that book too, I love browsing through it and my OH often finds inspiration for his paintings from it

  2. Agree. Fantastic artwork. I could cover my living room walls with those pieces!

  3. fantastic stuff. thanks for sharing. dx.

  4. Put a smile to my face! It actually reminded me of a Disney movie... Fantasia? Awful with names I'm afraid...