Saturday, 7 August 2010

Inspirational Artists - Part 2 - Michael!

Ok, so I am slightly biased on this one but I'm sure that you will agree with me!
Michael (as in my other half) is a talented artist. He has been making art and exhibiting for years but I feel that some of his best work are his airbrush portraits.
I'm blogging about this today as Michael has just completed an airbrush portrait of my niece, Kate for her 16th birthday. Kate underwent an operation a few weeks ago and has been extremely brave, so we thought this would be a lovely gift for her. As I hoped, she was thrilled with the portrait:
Here is Kate with the portrait
And a close up.
Every portrait Michael has completed, and entered into competitions has gained recognition. He has been shortlisted for the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition twice in consecutive years, having his work exhibited in the Mall Galleries in London both times. In 2007, he won the Museums Choice Prize for the Bolton Open Art competition, with a portrait of me! Here it is.... 
This was taken at the artist private view evening the night before the exhibition was open to the public - It was funny as people kept looking at the portrait, then at me, then looking puzzled!!


  1. It looks so real, like a black and white photo.

  2. Wow... A true artist! I'm doin a little sketching myself (hobby), and the art is awesome! How proud you must be <3

  3. Wow he's amazing! My OH paints but it's not truly representational more abstract!

  4. thats fantastic, wicked present to have