Sunday, 22 August 2010

My weekend

This weekend was a busy one. I was trading at the Leeds Roller Dolls "Rack and Roll" bout on Saturday, and then my sister Jan was visiting with my nieces, so went out all day with my family today. Add into the mix that I have a stinking cold - ugh - and I'm really shattered now!
First; Roller Derby - Leeds v Glasgow:

Game was great - really close but Leeds won by just 4 points. I did ok on my stall, and there was a selection of home made cakes to tuck into which I happily obliged:
This was a red velvet cupcake with black frosting and a pirate flag on top. Cool & yum.
When I got home from Leeds, I had a bath and was in bed for 9.30pm feeling full of a cold and rubbish ;(
Today no car booting for me - I just didn't feel up to it. Later in the day, I went for lunch at my sisters, and went for a walk with my entire family! We went to to a great blackberrying spot and everyone got involved in
picking some for me...
My mum, dad and sister Elaine hard at work!
Come here lovely ripe berry!
My other sister, Jan climbs high to get the biggest juciest berries
The haul! I thoughroughly washed this lot, then set about making jam using this fabulous 'easy jam' recipe from friend and fellow blogger Swirlyarts - thanks Lynsey -it works a treat!
And the finished product. Can't wait to spread this on some home made scones ;)


  1. I'm very impressed at your jam making! How very domestic!

  2. My favorite jam !!! Funny, I've a phone call with my dad yesterday speaking about the best spots to found berries next week !! ha ha ha ha
    Your jam pot are so cute !

  3. jam jam jam, jam jam jam :) (if you have seen Black Books you will understand that, hehe)

  4. It's a great recipe isn't it - my MIL is a genius! We are going to go blackberry hunting soon although first I need to make jam tarts with the jam from last year so I have some jars to put all the new jam in :)

  5. It sure is nice to be frugal and live on what nature provides. :)

    I haven't yet managed to get the right amount of berries to try the jam but if I do I will.