Tuesday, 10 August 2010

New Bakelite Spacers and an Etsy Sellers praise - and rant!

Yipppeeeeee! I love it when the postman comes and brings me fun things rather than chains, jump rings, felt and grip seal bags! Today, my long awaited bargain bakelite spacer bangles arrived. I got these for $20 for all four off Etsy two weeks ago. The seller had only just listed them and so I snapped them up!
They are a lovely swirly pale orange colour. And go rather nicely with my other bakelite;
 Like so!
I have to say also, that the girl I bought the spacers off was an absolute credit to Etsy. She is a fairly new seller, only a few feedback and like lots of sellers, had only listed that she would ship to the US for her listings. I emailed her to ask if she would ship to the UK, and how much it would be if so. She replied right back that she had never sent anything overseas before, but had checked online with the post office and that it would be $10 shipping. I agreed to this and paid for my bangles. Later that day, I got a refund off the seller of $6. She had been to the post office and it had only cost her $3.25 for the shipping and 75c for the jiffy bag, so she refunded the extra. How nice is that? I was very impressed.
So many people on Etsy completely overcharge for shipping, and its something that really annoys me. I have been buying stuff from the States for years - so I know what things cost to send and when I email a seller to ask about shipping a bangle and they quote me $25 for standard (non tracked) shipping, they then wonder why I say no thanks!
If people don't want to ship overseas, thats completely fair enough, but if you do - then have the decency to actually find out what it costs!! ahhhhh rant over :)


  1. ooh those are nice and great deal..never bought anything on etsy was thinking of saleing my stuff there..ebay has been too expensive lately.

  2. I just love orange! If I was to be "re-born" as a colour, that would be it! Haha. Bargain!

  3. I've been thinking the same about some Etsy sellers. Many times I haven't bought something I wanted, just because the shipping rate has been slightly high, it doesn't even have to be very high for me to let it go. I just don't get a very good picture of a seller who does that...
    And very nice bangles btw! Love bakelite.

  4. Nice to find a good seller, I find a lot to be fair but totally agree re shipping costs. I have heard that shipping in the US has gone sky high lately so maybe it's that BUT there are so many things I would have bought that I didn't because I'm like you I've had stuff from the States for years now and know that what they're quoting is WAAAAY over the odds.

  5. Great deal!And I agree overseas charging can be insane!I understand if its over the weight limit and has to go priority it being expensive but it bugs me to see people charging so much to send something like jewelry airmail BUT charging someone priority pricing!

  6. What a nice seller! Those bangels tiki-rock!

  7. Love the bangles!
    That's a really cool seller. Kudos to her!

  8. The bangles are just delish! That is wonderful that you had such a lovely seller too! I purchased a 50s handbag a while back and the seller refunded my PayPal account because the shipping she listed was too high! I love that!

    I have seem people charge crazy amounts for shipping sometimes. I know they are taking time out of their day and having to go to the post office but there is a limit for everything.