Friday, 6 August 2010

Not a happy camper!

The other day my exhibitor pass came for Kustom Kulture Blast Off - the hotrod etc. show I'm trading at in four weeks time (EEK! - so much to do, so little time!).
Although I am really looking forward to doing the show, one of the things I am NOT looking forward to doing is camping! As an exhibitor, we get free camping on site. I think thats great as its exhibitor only - (no general public are allowed to camp) and it obviously keeps costs right down, which is all important when you are trading. Up until getting the pass and exhibitor pack info, I didn't know what facilities would be available (ie how 'basic' the camping was going to be!). Now If I had one of the following; I would be dying to get on the campsite:
How cool is this matching car and trailer!
And gotta love an airstream - drool.

Unfortunately, this is more like my accomodation for the weekend!

Now I'm not vain or precious, but I am a bit of a clean freak and like to have a shower every morning. I had already been researching the local area to see where the nearest swimming pool/leisure centre was, so that I could go for an early swim and shower session if need be, but when I got the pack through I was more than pleased to see that fully working 'proper' toilets, SHOWERS and water would be available 24/7. Hurrah!
The reason I'm not so into camping is that I have done it a lot in the past, and in England it rains. A lot. All through summer. A lot. 

When Michael and I first got together, and we had no money, we used to go camping for our summer holiday. The last time we did was about 8 years ago when we spent two full days, sat in our tent with torrential rain lashing at the side of the tent and thunder and lightning going on. Not been camping since!
Well, its only for two nights - so I'll just grin and bear it. Im just super pleased about the showers :)


  1. Camping can be a thrill and a wet nightmare! I've done my share of camping and have experienced both. I bought myself a waterproof fabric to use on the ground, at that keeps the matrass and other stuff dry! Good luck!

  2. I officially HATE camping with a passion! Obviously as a trader I too have done the outside events, we only have one this year and we are not keeping costs down as we are staying at a local Premier Inn! I know it's cheating but really I can't ever camp again, unless I have a caravan, I don't even care if it's an 80s crappy one, but I'll never ever spend another night under canvas!!

    Incidentally, my best mate does have an airstream and whilst she says it is vastly superior to sleeping under canvas, it's still camping, of course I had no sympathy when I was under canvas, but if you're not outdoor types like we aren't, I can see her point! Stylish camping though!

  3. I am a total inside girl...can't stand to camp!

  4. Im with you. Ive never been camping and I never really intend to.

  5. I love long as I don't have to sleep in a tent. ;) I hate waking up dirty with creases in my face and my hair all frizzed out. Someday I would love to have a vintage travel trailer. That would just be the ginchiest!!

  6. I have the same feelings about camping as you! I did a lot of camping when I was younger, so I think I've done my share, so to say :)