Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A soap filled day out!

This week has been a bit quiet on the blog front I'm afraid as I have been mad busy making stock for my big show this coming weekend. I was flat out making all last week and Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so the bank holiday passed me by! I made up for it today however by taking a half day off and taking a trip to the fabulous Port Sunlight with Michael.
Port Sunlight is a lovely village which is situated on the Wirral in Cheshire. It was created in 1888 by William Lever (founder of the now global Unilever brand), who created a revolutionary brand of household soap called Sunlight Soap. He created the village to house his workers and give them a good quality of life. Some employers I know could take a leaf from his book!
To say that the village is stunning is an understatement. Each row of houses is different in its design - but it all works so well together. People still live in Port Sunlight, but there are conservation orders on the village that protect its uniqueness, and to maintain the original look for the many tourists that flock to visit. Today, being a regular working day, was nice and quiet, and the sun was shining (for once!).
I loved the house with the door in the turret! The door was even curved to meet the shape of the wall.
We walked back through the Lady Lever Rose Garden. There was a lovely smell of roses as we walked down this path. The building at the end is the Lady Lever Art Gallery. Lever was also a collector of fine art and this was his personal collection. There was a lot of it!
We headed to the gift shop after our visit and I bought:
Some sunlight soap - in reproduction original packaging. This was the product that started off the build
of Levers empire - amazing eh?!
A bar of Vinolia Cold Cream Bath Soap. Again, the original formula product in reproduction original packaging. This was actually the soap that was in the cabins of all the first class passengers on the
And I could not resist some vintage advert postcards, which I have put in the Kitchen;


  1. ah what a lovely day out! Looks beautiful

  2. So pretty. I love those post cards.

  3. Are the soaps smelling good (especially the Titanic one)?

  4. I want to move into one of those houses, don't care which!

  5. Ina - Yes the titanic soap smells lovely. Kind of a fresh citrus scent. The Sunlight soap smells of er....I dont know! My mum used to use it to wash my dads wool jumpers, so it reminds me of home :)

  6. The bit about the Titanic soap was very interesting to read!

    The house with the door in the turret looks really cool! The blue paint is so vibrant too!

    The post cards are neato! I actually have a greeting card my aunt in Croydon sent me with a reprint of an early 1920s ad for Sunglight. It shows a little girl putting puppies in a bath. I framed it and put it on the wall of my bath.