Sunday, 1 August 2010

Todays car booty

I was a bit apprehensive if I should set out to the car boot this morning as it had been raining overnight and I wasn't sure if it was going to be on or not. I'm glad I chanced it as it was on, and I got some goodies!
Find of the day! 60's teak chair in v. good condition - £2! This is a new friend for my 50s table and now my
new sewing chair :)
80s leather shoes - never worn - £1. Because I need some more red shoes (ahem!)
And a close up of the cut out detailing - little pinholes and bows!
60s belt - 50p. This was most likely off a dress - but that was nowhere to be seen!
Rememeber these? A Dymo machine! (10p for the machine and 3 full rolls of tape, bargain) 
I used to have one of these when I was a kid. Great fun typing out obsenities and sticking them on your
pencil case!
Like this! I actually got it so that I can type words and make resin jewellery with it, like this....


  1. Dymo machine! I was just thinking about one the other day when I was making fancy labels with a fancy machine at work. Remembered to making labels with exact red machine as what you found.
    You managed to find great bargains again!

  2. I have an up to date Dymo label maker and when I bought it I thought of those old red ones!

  3. My kitchen chairs look suspiciously like that!! We got the set from Matt's Grandad so they could well be similar to yours :) We have the matching table too!

  4. I had one of those dymos hahaha! I love that chair also, super good steal!

  5. Helloo a few words about my purchase from Dolly Cool on my blog now! And I love that chair and the belt, you did some cool finds there!


  6. I am loving the latest finds! The chair is just too cool and the price is fabulous! The red shoes are lovely!

  7. Dymo! That's so cool! The chair is beautiful, too.