Sunday, 15 August 2010

Todays car booty

Slim pickings at todays car boot - usual one was cancelled - again! - due to field being waterlogged, even though it was lovely and sunny today - boo. I went to one of my reserve 'boots instead and although I didnt pick up much - I got some great deals.
Bag of 50s and 60s costume jewellery - 50p for the lot (this isn't all of it either - just the best bits!)
I really could not believe this one. For my 50p, I got:
4 x pearl and rhinestone necklaces - all in good condition with working rhinestone clasps
4 x lucite necklaces - all with rhinestone clasps
2 x carved lucite bangles
1 x metal engraved bangle
2 x cuff links
1 x tie clip
I'm not really into pearls - or cuff links! - so I'm going to sell these on. The red and black lucite necklaces, and bangles I will keep for me :)

And - remeber the 60's duvet cover I got a few weeks back? Well I needed some sheets and pillowcases to go with it. I picked up these vintage deadstock VERY LOUD orange sheets and pillowcases for £1 for the lot. I was able to get them washed, dried and on the bed this evening :)


  1. The bed is looking great! So 60's.

  2. I love the orange and brown in the bedroom. I'd love to be able to explore all our local car boot sales but weekends are just so busy. Which ones do you go to? (if you don't mind my asking) :)

  3. Oh, this is one of the (many!) reasons I would like to live in England! You really have a nose for this - all the bargains you come over <3 Have a lovely evening!

  4. Thanks ladies - I do so love a bargain!
    Sarah - Im not sure where you live but I'm North Mancs/East Lancs way, so we go to one in Chorley at Botany Bay, Bowlers at Trafford Park and the East Lancs car boot on the A580.

  5. oh how lucky girl..lovely necklaces and love your bed linen so cute.