Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Whats in a name?

Do you like your name? Its one of those things that you have no say in (well, your birth name anyway), and something that you are stuck with - until at least 18 - if you dont like it. I'm happy to say that I have always liked my name, but one thing about it that has always bugged me is the spelling!
My mum chose to call me Clare after the Gilbert O' Sullivan song (cheesy!) - but instead of spelling it like he did - Clair, she chose an uncommon spelling with no 'i' - to be a bit different.
Because of this - I have had a lifetime of people spelling my name wrong, and when I was a child on school trips - all the Jane's and Emma's and Louise's could all get a pencil or necklace from the museum/zoo gift shop with their name on, but nowhere had one with my spelling on :(
Don't get me wrong - I love the fact that my name is spelt a little differently now, but I still find it really irritating when people spell it incorrectly. Every Christmas - at least half the cards we get, my name is spelt wrongly. Grrrrrrr!
Anyway - my initial thought for this post came from the fact that I have bought myself a lovely vintage initial pin which arrived on Saturday. It was $4 from Etsy:
It looks yellow on the photo - but the rhinestones are actually clear and really sparkly :)
I kept looking and looking on Etsy and Ebay for one that I liked and mostly the ones I liked were the wrong
Love these - if only I were a Harriet or a Violet!
Or a Margaret, so I could have this fabulous Bakelite pin...
Or a Rachel so I could wear this super kitch R one...
Or Amy for this funky red number! The other two on the shortlist were;
This rope 'C' and
this wooden 'C'
I'm quite happy with my Rhinestone 'C' anyway :)


  1. oooh I like it, I rarely find F in anything vintage! I don't know if many old names didn't start with F, I can't only think of Florence off hand! Anyway yes I quite like Fiona, not much choice really!

  2. I like mine (Didi) but Ive had the same problems as you PLUS people pronounce it wrong. How? I have no idea. Or they will say "whats your REAL name?" and Ill say "that is my real name" and then they will go on to say "Is it the name on your Birth certificate?" YES! Grr Im used to the 20 questions game.

  3. oooooh envy!!!!! kitten i love the C ! great find! cat~

  4. That's a such a pretty C. My name is not that unusual...well not at least until I moved to England! I've had all sort of variations of it- in fact no-one (including my husband) do not pronounce it correctly as it doesn't really fit into English pronunciation.

  5. I hear you on having a unique name as a kid. Teachers would mispronounce it and I use to get so upset in gift shops because they would make pens with Rachel, Raquel, and Michelle on them, but never Rachelle. I never really liked my name until I was in High School and someone told me that having a unique name makes you more memorable... then I warmed up to it and now I own it.

  6. I could never get anything with the correct spelling of Lynsey on it either. Plenty of Lindseys and Lindsays but never a Lynsey :( Mind you my girls are never going to get anything with their names on either!

  7. Rascal can wear the R pin! :D
    I want it! <3

  8. pretty..this reminds me of a necklace my dad gave me with my name in diamonds..gonna look for it and take pic of it.

  9. I've been called everything from Natalia, Nathalie, Nadine, Mary and LINDA, even though my name is Nadia. I've had questions like "are you russian?" "you can not be norwegian" "where are you from?" "are you adopted?" and "oh, you're a gypsy?" NO. I am very norwegian, and it's N-a-d-i-a!! Hehe oh the joys of having a different name! ;)

  10. I have an English friend over here who also spells her name "Clare" with no I! Is it an English thing? The letter pins are so cute. I like the rope one, but they are all cute. I think the Rhinestone one suits you well :-)

  11. My poor mum thought she was choosing a fancy unusual name for me and everyone else thought the same thing in exactly the same year. Shout my name while i was at school and be run over in the stampede.

    Good you found a letter you can love. Its very pretty!

  12. Well, Im glad I am not alone in my name problem! ;)
    Forgot to add that yesterday I got a package delivered addressed to 'CLEAR' - argh! I give up!!

  13. Or what about my brother (Robin) getting a letter from Chevrolet saying "hello Rodin, congrats on your chevro-klett" something's defo wrong with people

  14. This is a great post and I can totally relate! My name is Tara. My mum, being from Dublin, loved the name for years. People have spelled my name "Terra," "Tiara," and "Tera." One time at a party, I was introduced to someone my husband knew and the whole night he called me "Carol." Maybe "Tara" sounds like "Carol?" lol

    I used to hate my name, especially when I was in elementary school. In the late 70s and into the 80s, all the girls were either Amy, Jennifer, Megan, Meredith, Susan, Brandy, Shannon, Robin, Christy, Brooke, etc. I wanted to be a "normal name" so bad that I was actually mad at my mom for naming me Tara! lol

    The one I really feel bad for is my dad! lol! He is from Norway. His name is Jann and it is pronounced "Ya-an," as in 'yawn.' The "j" is a "y" sound. If people see his name, they think he is a girl because they think his name is "Jan" (like jam). If they hear is name, they think he is "John!"

  15. One of my fav vintage finds I spent 5 years hunting for before I found it,it is a lucite D pin,I'll have to blog about it when I find it.I like yours its pretty

  16. Ina is actually only my nickname and I kind of don't like it, even if I was the one who started to call myself that as a kid (it's shortened from my real name, that I actually like better). But I'm kind of stucked with it nowadays. The only problem I have with my nickname (and real name) is that in this country Finnish speaking people tend to write it with two ii's, like Iina. Well, that's a minor problem, but you should see my last name. It confuses everyone, no matter what language they speak...

  17. I'm looking for my initial brooche or small pendant for a while :) I really like yours :)

    And talking about my name, I never liked it and I had a feel that my name don't suit me, this causes that I always has a nicknames :) Now I just call me Gin,it's sounds like a ticker of my real name which is GintarÄ— :) That means Amber in English :)

  18. hi Clare

    this post did make me laugh!! i'm a Claire and all the Clares i know spell it your way and all the name post cards etc seemed to be spelt your way when i was younger.i thought my name was really common growing up - i was in a class with 2 other Clares and its only now i'm older there seem to be less around! my mum says mine is spelt the french way!!
    take care

  19. Yes, CheltClaire .. this view seems right to me! Claire/Clair/Clare is less common, but very popular for 60/70s born girls.
    I am late 60s born and I have grown up surrounded by Claire/Clares. Mostly Clares, but hey - what's in an i.

    I think it is a very common name, for my generation. But I was rather taken aback seeing it written Klayre in a Christmas Card once. Could you be Dolly Kool Klare?


  20. My first name is Jamie. There weren't any other females named Jamie back in the 50's. I hated it when I was little but I like it now. People always want to spell it with the "i" in the wrong place..Jaime instead of Jamie.

  21. I gave you an award, check it out :)

  22. my sister doesn't get anything with her name on as it is the wrong spelling
    (rebekah) not rebecca

  23. Thanks everyone for your comments! The most comments I have ever got on on a post - its obviously something that you all feel strongly about.... thanks to our parents for all our quirky names and spellings!! :)