Thursday, 16 September 2010

Apples, Storks & Swallows!

I have bought a few nice things this week, so I thought I'd share them with you....
Firstly...the Apples...

Vintage polka dot apple fabric - 50p (about 80c). I found this in a basket of fabric at my local Hospice charity shop. There is about 1.5 metres, so enough to make a skirt with :)
The Stork....
Stork Embroidery Scissors - $3 Etsy. You can never have too many embroidery scissors and I love these ones, and a great bargain too.
And the Swallows.....
Swallow and polka jacquard cardigan - £19.99 (about $30) from Spanish chain store, Zara.
Im a sucker for anything with polka dots and swallows, so polka dots with swallows was a dead cert buy!


  1. Those embroidery scissors are beautiful!

  2. Oh all three are scrummy, love the stork scissors and the cardie best.

  3. Those are all great scores! The scissors are almost too pretty to use.

  4. After seeing the cardigan in person I can vouch for it's fabulousness! The apple fabric is so cute. :)