Sunday, 19 September 2010

Autumn hits, and a new rug!

I dont know about you but I always feel as though autumn hits really fast. Spring leads into Summer gradually, but all of a sudden the last week....its gone really cold!
I have been very organised and put away all my summer clothes, and got out all my cardigans, jumpers, long sleeve tops and tights. All my open toe canvas ballerina pumps, and hessian wedges have also been put away and I have unpacked my boots ready for the new season. I also did a little bit of shopping on Saturday to replace tired and old bobbly items from last year. I got some new tights;
Some bow pattern, and some heart pattern
I also treated myself to a new pair of boots from Swedish brand  Cheapo - on sale at only £10 ($15)
Todays plan was to go for a nice autumnal walk with Michael, so he could take some photos. This didn't happen however as it has been torrential rain all day - boo :(
Never mind - we treated ourselves to a new retro rug for the front room instead in very autumnal orange!

Our new rug. A steal at £15 ($23) from German value supermarket Lidl.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more - today I woke up to 4 degrees C! Freakin cold :S

    Wonderful colours you choose for your home <3 I love autumn colours!

  2. Are you sure Summer is over? It's going be 23 degrees here apparently tomorrow! Although I confess I thought it was done. Mind you we're in the mild south east and I know it lasts a bit longer here. Soon I'll be doing the same!!