Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bakelite gamble

This week I took a Bakelite gamble! I saw a bangle listed on Ebay which was lovely and chunky - 1/4 inch thick walls and 1" wide, and described as "Art Deco Early Plastic Vintage Bakelite?? Bangle". The description said that it was heavy, and looked like bakelite but the seller wasnt sure. There were a few good close up photos and to me, it looked like Bakelite, so I chanced it. The price? - £8.00 (about $12) buy it now. I know from looking a lot at bangles that the 1" wide chunky ones go for anything from £40 to £100 on Ebay (and $60-$120 on Etsy), so if it was Bakelite, I was getting a great arrived this morning and I tested it straight away and YAY! it IS Bakelite...super happy! :) :) :)
Here is my new bangle!
And in the middle of my other Bakelite. Arm getting heavy now ;)
I am still after some carved bangles, but they are just tooooooo expensive for skinflinty me. The quest continues!


  1. Good find!! Sometimes it pays to take a chance!

  2. wow great chance to take! I don't even look at bakelite cos I can't afford it but even I could afford £8 at a push ;o)

  3. great deal and color..I am looking for carved bangles too expensive though.

  4. What an awesome find! Lady Luck was surely on your side :)