Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I ♥ Alexander Henry!

Oh I do love fabric!  One of my goals within the next year or so, is to take sewing classes so I can make proper garments for myself. I always see amazing fabrics and wish..Hmm if only I could have a dress/skirt in that. I have bought a few simple vintage patterns, but have yet been a bit chicken to give them a go!
Luckily, my friend Jen from craft group is pretty good on the sewing machine so she makes some things for me (remember my fab reversible circle skirt? - Jen made that!).
I love in particular Alexander Henry fabrics. They are just fab colours, designs and really suitable for clothing or homeware designs. Some of my fave include;
I love anything Day of The Dead. His range of DOTD fabrics is huge. Love them all!
Cool Hawaiian pin up girl fabric
Love this halloween print!
The classic tattoo print. I have a skirt in this one.
And last, my new favorite;
This is just the coolest fabric! If I were younger, I would have a skirt or dress in this for sure! I'm just about to comission Jen to make me a bag, and a vendor belt (for when I trade at shows - 'bum bags' are sooo not cool!). Can't wait. I'll update some pics when its done.


  1. I am HUGE fan of Alexander Henry fabrics. As my sewing skills are limited to pretty much pillows and other dead easy patterns, I've got quite a few Alexander Henry pillows now - one of the Hawaii pin up one!

  2. I love the tattoo print of Alexander Henry, I'm more of a Michael Miller gal! I need to make my own money belt, I do have a good one it's B&W tiger type print & furry, you can get some different ones on ebay, but I'm like you I'd like my own design! I just set up a sewing area but have been so busy lately haven't had time to use it yet, but soon.....!

  3. Mrs M - Thats pretty much what I do, althought I can just about make a simple A line skirt!
    STM - I love Michael Miller Fabrics too! So many cake and kitchen prints...I can feel another post coming on... :)

  4. I love Alexander Henry!
    I know would love to know how to make my own dresses.

  5. OOOH Clare, you are so sweet. Thank you for the shout out. I had a great time too. Can't wait til your fabric comes. Jen

  6. I see your comments here are all old , hope you still read them, mine favorites especially the Hawaiian print 1s.i go to the Goodwill store here in Florida and find many Hawaiian print shirts actually made in Hawaii. many things can be made from them from pillow cases to beautiful large colorful quilts. and I never pay over $4 per shirt.