Thursday, 16 September 2010


Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments on my New Zealand rip off merchant!
As I mentioned on my earlier post, I contacted the Trade Me site to complain and received the following reply;

"Hi Clare, thanks for contacting us.
I am the Liaison Officer for our Trust and Safety team and I specialize in working with brands or their representatives to help them to protect their intellectual property on our site.
I have removed the reference to your brand from the below listing and sent a warning to the seller.
Please feel free to contact me directly on this email address if you have any further concerns"

So, the issue has been resolved and I am happy :)


  1. Good thing it got sorted out, still wondering what on earth the seller was thinking...

  2. that's good news, the bloody cheek of some people! Glad it was easily sorted!

  3. aww, that's nice! Good to know that they have people looking out for you. Hopefully that idiot seller thinks twice before trying to rip off someone else!

  4. That's good that it is sorted now and it wasn't too much hassle.