Monday, 6 September 2010

Kustom Kulture Blast Off - Show report

Firstly, thanks to everyone who left me a nice well wishing comment on my pre-show post :)
Well....I survived Kustom Kulture Blast Off in one piece and here is my show report....
I set off after lunch on friday and thankfully the weather was really nice so I made it down to Grantham to pick up my friends (and stand buddies) Kate and Nicola who had travelled up from London. We then headed on down to Spalding and to the event site. We caused great amusement upon our arrival as I think people were suprised at quite how much stuff was in Graham (my pink car!). It was described as a Tardis as we managed to fit 3 people, 2 tents and bedding and all our stand fixtures and stock!
Graham with our tents!
Next was going to set up the stand.....thank goodness we had until 10pm to set up. It took us this long to faff
around and get it all in place!  
From left; Kate with her pyrography 'tattooed wood' art, Nicola and I.
And me with my goodies!
Not much was going on friday so we had a few spiced rum and gingers in the tent and had an early night. Not that I got much sleep mind. I was freezing, and some "kind" exhibitor who arrived in the early hours of the morning in a caravan , decided to leave their generator on all night - argh! I was up at 6am to have a
shower after about 1 hours sleep! This is the beautiful sunrise I saw.......
and yes, I was the only person up at 6am having a shower!
So, off to the stand and on with the show! Things were a bit slow to start but it got going early afternoon and I had a good first day. Sat night was the exhibitor party and as it was a nice night, we sat outside and had a few drinks. Thankfully I slept much better the second night. Nothing to do with the rum of course.......
Day two was again, a bit slow to start, but was nice and sunny and picked up in the afternoon. I went for a
wander and took some photos of some of the stripers at work on the panel jam:
Famous American striper Joey Finz striping a mini coffin trinket box for Kate. They did an art trade and Joey's wife chose some of Kate's art in return.
And some super cool cars. Here are some of my 'best in show'....
A punk with a huge black and blonde quiff mohawk owned this matt black number. I saw him dusting it with a huge feather duster on Sunday morning, a funny sight (didn't have my camera to hand!)
Remember my lovely blue patent leather vintage bag that I picked up a few weeks back for 30p from a car
Well, we were camped next to the lovely (and talented) Jane of Sweet Jane Pinstriping who I asked to stripe my bag....
Jane in action!
My finished bag. I LOVE it!
Kate and I with our striped bags :))
All in all, it was a great show considering that it was the first one that had been put on. We were lucky with the weather, everyone we spoke to was really nice, and I had good sales so I came home happy. I gave myself a much needed day off today to recover. No making, no computer, just me, lots of cups of tea and my book :)


  1. I'm happy everything went well :) And your pinstriped bag is looking just awesome!

  2. So pleased it went well, it's always a worry your first big one but glad you got plenty sales!

    Love the bag, fab!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend and very brave sleeping in a tent now that the nights are getting colder. Your bag looks sensational!

  4. The bag looks amazing! I am so glad all went well too! The cars looked too cool! I want the green one! Swoon!

  5. Have only just seen this but really pleased you had a good weekend! I have no idea how you got everything down there in Graham. Very impressed. Congrats x