Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Thrifty shopping

You may have noted a lack of 'find' posts recently...this is becuase of a few reasons....
1) No car boots for the past few weeks as have been cancelled due to dire weather!
2) I have not had time to go charity shopping due to being busy with Dolly Cool orders and the big show that I just did last weekend.
I'm getting back on track now and met my mum in town for lunch and some serious charity shop scouring earlier today and this is what I found.....
50's dandy cord planter - £2 (about $3) I've wanted one of these for ages - so super happy at this find :)
60's necklace - 25p (about 40c)
Black and white polka wrap dress - £1 (about $1.50)
Red leather bag with cream piping (mint condition, looks like never been used!) - £2 ($3). This is quite a
good size too so good for shopping or weekends. 
And this super cute Sailor Duck (Brand new in box) - £1 ($1.50). He is now a bathroom friend for my pirate
Really happy with todays finds, and I've got another thrifty shopping trip planned on saturday with my sister :)


  1. I love the plant holder. I'm so jealous of your charity shop finds. Every time I try a charity shop hunt all I find are naff Primark and Matalan cast offs, bleugh! Never anything remotely vintage or unique. You must just be extremely lucky!

  2. wow I love the plant holder too, and the red bag very nice!

  3. Awesome finds. Loving that polkadot dress and the sailor duck - just cute!

  4. such a cute planter..lovely finds as usual doll.

  5. Great thrifting finds - red bag my favourite. Just been catching up on all your posts and got to say well done on doing the show and making sales. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself ;-)

  6. Soo jealous of the purse and the planter is pretty cool too.

  7. Wow I can't decide which one I love best. I do desperately covet the sailor duck though!

  8. I'm jealous of the plant holder. And the bag. But I love your duck the most :)