Monday, 4 October 2010

The Baseballs

Last night I went to watch German group The Baseballs in Manchester.
The Baseballs do rockabilly covers of modern pop songs, and are quite controversial as a lot of people into 'proper' rockabilly really slate them, saying they are crappy and such like. Fair enough - each to their own, but I think they are great, and the show last night was excellent. They played for over 2 hours non stop and were really entertaining. More so, you could tell they loved every minute of it and thats what makes a good show for me. If you have ever seen anyone live, who comes on, motions their way through the songs and then goes off again with no enthusiasm or atmostphere then you will know what I mean.

As for slating them - so what they do covers? How many times have songs like Mack the Knife, Blue Moon, Summertime Blues and Be Bop a Lula been covered? Many rock & roll acts cover each other songs all the time. I don't listen to chart music if I can help it. Modern R&B, pop etc. - not my thing at all. But when The Baseballs cover things like Rhianna's Umbrella and Lady Gaga's Pokerface in a rockabilly style, I love it!
Most of all, its just a bit of fun. For those not familiar, I leave you with Umbrella - Baseballs stylee! Enjoy :)


  1. Hehe, I kind of hate them, not because I'm so hardcore rockabilly and think they are "fake", but becuase they play songs that in my opinion are really annoying (even though they do it in a catchy way).
    They've also made a cover in English on a Finnsih song, Viimeinen (in English "Last in Line", don't know if they play it in other countries, too?). Baseballs became so popular in Finland so that's probably why they wanted to make that tribute.
    But I'm not blaming you for liking them, people should listen to what they like :) And you're actually damn right about the millions of covers on Be Bop a Lula etc!

  2. OMG LOVE!!! Thanks for this. I'd never heard of these guys before. I hope they do a US tour and come to fogville! As much as I love traditional rockabilly & swing, both covers and originals, I love it when bands do unexpected covers or twist current hits into something I'd actually want to listen to. Especially if it's a little bit silly. The Puppini Sisters doing Kate Bush or Los Colorados covering Katy Perry can brighten any bad day. Good fun!!