Friday, 15 October 2010

Bolton Beer Festival

Last night Michael and I went to the Bolton Beer Festival with our friends Jo and Mark. The Beer Festival is an annual event that raises lots of money for a local childrens charity - and a good excuse to go out and have a few drinks! You pay to go in and are given a Beer Festival glass, and programme, which has all the different beers you can try.
The beers are all given names by the breweries - some funny ones such as Wobbly Bob, Texas Frogspawn Massacre, Bad To The Bone and (ahem) Cunning Stunt!
You also get a description of what is in it, so you can half guess if its going to be nice or not. For those not familiar with British Real Ale, the dark (strong!) beers usually taste vile (to my palette anyway!) and give you a really bad head in the morning, so I steer clear of those!
I tried the fruit beers - Cherry and Passionfruit, and my fave from the regular ales was the Fairtrade Ginger Pale Ale. It had a really gingery taste - like ginger beer, yum - I love ginger! I had a few of those :)

                                                        Me and Jo with our Ginger Beers!
The Beer Festival as well as having lots of beers to try, also puts on entertainment. We had Rhythm and Blues man , Jerome McMurray, singing everything from Chuck Berry to Bob Marley!

As you can imagine, its hard not to get a bit merry! Here is Jo's husband Mark with a bottle of some hideous strong beer called KWAK!
                                     And heres a photo of us all at the end of the night!
      I feel suprisingly well today considering - but glad that I didnt have any more to drink than I did!