Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dire Domestics!

Apologies for lack of posts this week folks, but I have had a bit of a domestic horror of a week, so was a bit fed up and didn't feel like blogging. Here are this weeks mishaps(!)....

1. Washed (black) cardigan with 3% angora in washing machine with a full black load. The entire wash looked like I'd washed 10 white rabbits in there when it came out. I spent an hour spent de-fluffing the said wash. Grr. The cardigan is now in a bag for the charity shop!

2. Our combi boiler broke. No heating or hot water and it was (unsuprsingly) expensive to fix - *humpf*

3. Our vacuum cleaner also broke, on the same day as the heating. Deepest Joy all round!  My friend Jo very kindly donated us her old one however, so not too bad. Thanks Jo! :)

4. Not strictly domestic, but while visiting my parents today, I came out to find my car had a flat tyre. Cue dad pumping up tyre with a foot pump in the rain for me - Thanks Dad! :)

So that was my crappy week! I felt better when I got home though and had some interesting mail.....


  1. oh sugar hope next weeks better xx

  2. Next week will be better! I had a crappy September and October has been a million times better!

  3. What a crappy week, I've had a year like that, can't wait for 2011 ha ha! Hope next week is better!

  4. I experienced quite similar week while ago. You just feel like giving up, seloling your house and moving into caravan...