Friday, 29 October 2010

Inside my home - Part 3

Looking back through some older posts - I realised that I showed you the downstairs of my house - but forgot the upstairs - oops. This was partly because I was waiting until it was tidy until I took photos - but thats never going to happen as our bedroom is kind of my work room too, so you can see it mess and all!
Up the stairs. We have very steep stairs as our ceilings are really high (old house built 1908). The banister fell off within a few weeks of us moving in , but you know how it is, and we didn't get round to replacing it. 7 years later, I'm so used to running up and down stairs all the time now, I dont even notice how steep they are. Its only when we have visitors and they are clutching the sides of the walls that I remember!!
Snow scene painting at the top of the stairs by Michael's dad.
In our room. My beloved 50s vanity - complete with my 50s pifco hairdryer - still going strong folks with daily use! And my vintage & retro handbag collection.
My Sewing area. 50s table, 60s chair, 60's/70s curtains and 80s sewing machine!

Wardrobe snapshot. Its a bit full!
I liked patterend clothes in red, pink and black. Can you tell?
And finally the bathroom. Nothing vintage in here - all modern! As well as vintage stuff, I also love kawaii things too, so thats how the bathroom is done. Thankfully Michael is in touch with his masculinity and does not mind the spotty bath mat and towels, rubber ducks, fish shaped radio and Hello Kitty shower curtain!
I love this curtain. Bought from Hong Kong Ebay as none to be found in the UK.

Quack Quack! Sailor and Pirate Rubber Duckies!


  1. Your wardrobe looks like a candyshop! All those delicios pinks and reds!

  2. Great vanity with big drawer, perfect to hide mess

  3. mines messier than that! I only take pics for you guys when I've tidied up!

    Cute house!

  4. Oh wow now I don't feel so bad when I look at my wardrobe! lol

  5. Your ducks are still my favourites :)