Sunday, 31 October 2010

Kitschtastic new bag & vendor belt!

Remember how last month I blogged about a really kitsch fabric that I had found that I wanted made into a bag and vendor belt?

Here it is - I love this fabric so much. The photo does not do it justice. Its so bright and pop-art like - really kitsch!
Well, crafting buddy Jen (Stitch Me Lane fabrics) kindly made me this amazing bag - complete with spotty straps and lining;
wow wow wow!
AND - this fabulous vendor belt for when I trade at shows;
I've alreday used my vendor belt twice now. Both times I had offers to buy it as they loved the print so much!
Next on my project list is this amazing B Movie Fabric I found;
I'm waiting for it to arrive from the this space.....
P.S - Happy Halloween!


  1. oooh thanks for the reminder I do like my vendor belt but I really do need to make my own! Nice belt

  2. Ohhhhh, I want some of that b-movie fabric. Share your secret, where did you find it from...

  3. Mrs M - Its called Horror Movie Monster by Robert Kaufman. Its quite hard to find as its out of print but you can still get it in the US :) Good luck!

  4. That is neat fabric! I like the pairing of the polka dot fabric! Great look!

  5. Ohh, that's novelty print overload! :D
    Like the top one, very Coney Island.
    I've made this burger and hot dog charm bracelet that would look cool with it.
    Do you want me to send you one?
    (Or I can make you earrings if you prefer.)
    If so, measure your wrist so I know how big you want it. I do have your address still. <3

  6. Thank you kind Rascal! :) I have sent you a message on FB x

  7. Hi Clare! Thank you for the shout out. You are my favorite customer:D

  8. Thank you for loving this "The Horror" textile pattern I designed! I designed this for RKC quite a few years ago and I love hearing that everyone still wants a piece of it!
    XOXO Andie
    PS- Check it out here:

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