Monday, 25 October 2010

This Weekends Retro buys

As the car boot season finishes where I live end of September (too cold/wet!), I haven't had many vintage buys recently to share with you - boo. I decided on Saturday to resolve this by going charity shopping with Michael! He got some clothes, and we also a few bits for our house;
60's Teak mirror in mint condition, still with original price tag attached - 10/6. This is obviously pre-decimalisation (Old currency used in the UK pre-1971) so not sure if its Ten Pounds and 6 Shillings or 10 Shillings and 6 pence. This is also the amount that is on the Mad Hatters Hat in Alice in Wonderland!
We paid £3 for it anyway, and its now in our front room....

Mirror in situ above the fireplace

We also found this 60's teak shadowbox frame - £2.
Its pretty big so not easy to photo well.

There was hideous picture in the frame, which Michael has removed and replaced with a fine hessian. He is going to do a painting in a 50's/60's modernist style to go in the frame, which we will hang in out room above my 50s vanity.

And although not from a charity shop- these are my new retro fairisle slipper socks! (£3 from Primark)
Very fetching eh?! They are thick woolly things with a furry lining and rubber grips on the bottom. Perfect winter 'workwear' for me (!), and ideal timing as its -2C here this morning! Brr!


  1. Wow, I am so jealous of your local charity shops. What a great mirror. Imagine how much that would've gone for on ebay! Great find

  2. Those slippers look so comfy. I need to find some of those. Love the mirror.

  3. OMG, I love that mirror. Absolutely fantastic buy!

  4. That mirror is fantastic! I also like the vases/sculptures you have on your mantle! Cool!

    I also like your cute and cozy slippers! My aunties in Norway used to knit slipper socks just like those for me and my sister when we were little! They were so warm! My sister and I used to enjoy dragging our slippered feet on the carpet so we could generate a static charge! Then we would shock each other! lol