Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tired Eyes = Vintage Buys!

This week I have been drawing, or on the computer pretty much non stop as I'm having a designing spree - so that means tired eyes!
I decided I needed to go out a nd get some fresh air and give my eyes a rest, so had a stroll down to the local shops. Picked up this months Elle, as has a free Clinique Superbalm with it (see previous post), and I popped in my fave charity shop.
Straight over to the homeware shelves is my first port of call, and I was really pleased to find these cool & kitsch set of 4 60's milk glass mugs - £1.59 the set:
They are actually large size mugs too - not little kiddie ones, so can be used for hot drinks right away.
Hooray for tired eyes! ;)


  1. those are so cute, reminds me of The flintstones cartoons.

  2. We used to have those when I was little!
    We had 4 but they were one of each of the ones in your picture and another 2 different designs, I'm pretty sure one was a blue hippo and the other a lion.

  3. RHOOOOOOO .... it's so cuuuuuuuuuttttte !!!

  4. guess what? I nomitated your great blog, for a "One lovely Blog Award"
    check it out!