Sunday, 17 October 2010

Vintage Tattoo Flash buys

It won't suprise you to hear that one of my passions is vintage tattoo flash. I spend most of my days designing/making tattoo inspired jewellery and accessories, and drawing this type of imagery for print graphics. The grand master of course is Sailor Jerry aka Norman Collins, one of the greatest and most well respected 'old School' tattooists there ever was.

 I love the colours in his work and the subject matter and detailing. I could rattle on about all the tattoos that I love and why for hours - but I wont bore you! I like sailor stuff mainly - Swallows, Ships and Anchors. They have a great range of Sailor jerry print clothing and accessories on the Sailor Jerry website, some of which I purchased last week, and am waiting for it to arrive from the US. This is what I got - all in the sale of course!
Seven Seas Dress $18. Love the Clippers round the bottom!

Homeward bound Tee - $14

Cherry Tee - $10
I also bought a few other tattoo related bits off Ebay, which came this week;
Alchemy Gothic UL13 Love/Hate Pewter & Enamel ring - £13
It actually looks nicer than the photo - its super shiny!

And these gloves by Hollywood Glamour, which came to the UK from California USA in only 5 days! An absolute steal at $3.99
Anyone who loves vintage tattoo flash - if you don't own it already - I highly recommend this book;
                                      Vintage Tattoos by Carol Clark - around £10 from Amazon.


  1. ooh thanks for the recommendation on the book, I'll have to check that out!

  2. The cherry and swallows top is way too cute!

  3. I love the seven seas print; they had it on a skirt before (maybe still? Haven't visited the site in a while) but the skirt was not really teh right cut for me so I would not have used it, hence I didn't buy. But I think it's soooo pretty!