Saturday, 6 November 2010

Red Shoes x 2 and an interview

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a bit of a thing for red shoes! You can never have too many pairs of shiny red shoes, so this past few weeks I have treated myself to 2 new pairs....they were of course super bargains, you know me ;-).....

Patent wedge heels - £5 from the Office sale shop. In Manchester, we have a little Office (UK shoe chain) sale shop. Its full of lots of end of line/season shoes, and its a bit of a rummage, but seek and ye shall find is my motto!

Patent Dr Marten style boots - £16, Priceless Shoes off Ebay.
The real deal Dr Martens are £70 ($113/80 EUR) - and these look pretty much the same, so bargain!
They are very comfortable and waterproof, perfect for the British Autumnal (wet!) weather.
And the interview; I have been interviewed by the lovely people who run Cheap Magazine - a publication supporting artists, illustrators and designer/makers. To read the interview and find out more about Cheap Magazine, click HERE.


  1. I love those wedges! Good score!

  2. Congrats on the interview, good reading :)

  3. Both shoes rocks. I have to come for little visit to Manchester for Office rummage. I love their shoes but they are so expensive.

  4. congrats huni..oooh I adore red anything..great steals.