Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowed under!

Ha! In more ways than one I have been totally snowed under with work the past week, hence lack of posts (sorry!).Also, as you may know we are having Arcrtic winds blasting us in the UK at the moment and its resulting in a bit of chaos, especially in the far North & Scotland. Thankfully we just got a little bit where I live so its not too bad, but temperatures are going right down to 0c during the day and -6c at night. Brr!
I am certainly appreciating being self employed at the moment as I can hide in my house, put my furry slippers on and get on with some work without the chilly commute! The snow is not too much of a bad thing anyway - I have had a dramatic increase in web sales this week from Scotland and Wales, so if people can't get to physical shops, they are shopping online instead :)
Before the snow hit really badly at the weekend, Michael and I managed an overnight trip to York at the end of last week to do some Xmas shopping - and to have a little break from work. I mentioned a few months ago that I love York, as I lived ther for 3 years when I went to University there. At Xmas it looks lovely with the festive lights against the historic buildings and my favorite street in the whole world, is Stonegate at Christmas;
It even snowed a bit when we were there!

Me wrapped up warm. I'm a big fan of earmuffs rather than a hat in winter - hats ruin my Bettie Bangs!
I'm stood on Stonegate outside a shop called Heaven Forbid that stocks my jewellery :)

And a shot of York Minster in the winter sun
This week I am busy making stock for the Kustom Kristmas fair that I am doing in London. Really hope that the snow calms down a bit so me (and my stock!) can get down there and to the show.


  1. Oh, interesting thing. People have an urgent need of shopping not matter what, bad weather is better for your business :)

  2. We had a little bit of snow here in SouthWest but wouldn't say we were snowed in (yet). I try to manage without hat as long as possible. Like you said bangs and hats don't match. Had to give in yesterday as the wind was soooo cold. Have a great time in London!

  3. Lovely photos :)
    I was in York last weekend too - very snowy when we were there - all my pics have big white dots on them! ;)

  4. We barely had snow yesterday and a little today..love your cute bangs and earmuffs..i have that purse too..I love roomy bags...well true more online buyers now..good luck with everything hun.

  5. I love York, it's not that far from where I come from. Sue from Pennychoo is doing the fair this weekend too, we 'might' come but it's a trek, have fun and do well!

  6. I totally agree..hats and Bettie bangs are not a good combination!