Friday, 12 November 2010

Vintage Teacup Candle

I'm not the only creative one in my family! My elder sister, Elaine, has been busy making these fab vintage teacup candles;
The cup and saucer were part of a full set, picked up from a charity shop and the candles are re-melted from old/used candles. Completely recycled, refillable and very pretty!
Elaine is also a dab hand with the knitting needles - something which I have just never managed to have the patience for. This is coming in very handy for my Xmas present, as she is knitting me a jumper from an original 50s pattern that I picked up in a charity shop for just 10 pence. Pics to follow after Christmas! :)


  1. those are way cute..I seen some at the boot sales here but when I went back they were gone...she is creative like her sis...lucky you..cant wait to see 50's sweater.

  2. That's a very neat idea! Looking foreard seeing that jumper of yours.