Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Weekend in London

Hello! I am back from a hectic weekend in London. I went down to visit my buddy Kate and it was non stop! On Saturday night we went watching punkabilly swiss band The Peacocks. I have seen them about 4 times now and they are always fantastic;
Kate took this one. It really captures them as Simon on Double Bass never stands still!
On Sunday, we went to Camden and had some lunch and did some shopping. Camden is always so busy and heaving with tourists - it gets a bit annoying. I do love going into Collectif (Repro Rockabilly clothing and accessories) and the Artbox shop (Super kawaii Hello Kitty mecca!) however, and you can always get something yummy to eat from one of the trillions of vendors. We opted for Chinese.
Sunday night - we went to see Psychobilly band - Guana Batz. I have liked these guys for around 5 years but never seen them live. They have been going since the early 80s and half of them live in the States now so they dont tour here very often. It was worth the wait - they were awesome!
Throughout the gig I was just in awe of lead singer Pip's body suit. It is amazing. Really well done and beautiful colours. Its japanese/tropical inspired with loads of flowers. You can see it better here;
So I have come home now for a rest - ha! Yeah right! With Christmas round the corner (always sneaks up so fast) I am getting loads of orders so busy times - yay! :)


  1. oh my God Guanabatz are so old now. I remember them when they were kids ! pfew times has passed so quick !!!

  2. I love, love the Peacocks and Guana Batz are one of my all time favs...I booked Guana Batz here a few times. Pip is an amazing guy and his tattoo work is brilliant. Really nice guys :-)

  3. Oh, so great bands. I have seen neither of them, but hopefully I will some day...

  4. Seems like you had a cool weekend! I'll check out the peacocks, they look like something I can like :)