Thursday, 4 November 2010

Xmas shopping, failed Moomin trip & some thrifty bargains!

On Monday this week, I went xmas shopping with my big sister, Elaine. We had planned this a while back, but were thrilled to find out that the place we were going shopping was hosting a Moomin Exhibition at the local art gallery. I've probably mentioned this before but im a HUGE moomin fan - they scared but fascinated me as a child, but I grew to love them more as an adult.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, was really excited about seeing the exhibition (lots of original sketches and animation slides, puppets etc), I forgot to check the opening hours. Shut on mondays! Bummer. Oh well, we are going to go in a few weeks instead. Report to follow....
Anyway, so we got on with doing some Xmas shopping, had some lunch, and of course went charity shopping too! This is what I got;
Alexander Henry tattoo print bag (originally from Black Rose in Camden, London) - brand new with tags £3
Marks & Spencer Per Una Jeans - Again, brand new with tags - £1 on the bargain rail!
What a steal! They are a lovely dark denim, high waisted and quite flared - so like sailor pants. They fit perfectly too :)
And bargain of the day - Two Royal Doulton Fine Bone China 'The Snowman' mugs from 1985 in mint condition - £1.25 each. These are collectable and worth about £20-£25 each. Not that I'm selling them mind, I love The Snowman, so these are for cups of tea :)


  1. Moomin rocks (especially cause they are from Finland). I have to remeber this the next time I go there and see what I can find for you!
    And Snowman mugs! How adorable.

  2. oooh cute,
    never heard of them little cows..cute snowman u can have ur hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  3. oh I have that Tattoo mine at the market for £15 awhile back.

  4. Oh Moomin trolls! I remember those and yes they scared and fascinated me too. Also another strange thing called Baba Papa.

    My faves were The Clangers :-)