Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bah Humbug!

So, its December 2nd and Im still not feeling very Christmassy.... Bah Humbug!
I think the problem for me is that it all starts too early....who wants to see tins of Xmas chocs and calenders for 2011 in September?
Don't get me wrong, I do like Christmas, I just feel that its turned into an overhyped commercial nightmare the past few years. Sofa ads with Mariah Carey " All I want for Christmas is yooouuuuuuu" in October, Top 30 Xmas tunes countdown on music channels for the past month (yes, starting beginning of November) and don't get me started on people who put up full Xmas decorations complete with flashing house lights etc. mid November! ITS TOO EARLY!!! Argh!!
The only festive thing in my house at the moment is my Hello Kitty Advent Calender! Well, you have to have an advent calender, dont you?! I was never allowed a chocolate one as a kid - thanks mum! :) - I had traditional paper ones.
And I suppose it looks Christmassy outside my house.....

A light dusting of snow in my garden.
I promise I will start enjoying Christmas a few weeks when its nearer the date and we get our tree! (Always a real the smell!)


  1. Haha yes I sure indeed went to Superdrug! Do you have any recommendations when it comes to nice red lipstick (that won't uhm.. go away easily)? And btw, I would like to order some stuff from you after Christmas when I'm back in Belfast. Is it still free shipping to the UK? Aaaand would it be a problem to send it to my university (the mail man steals my mail I think....) ? :)

  2. I am like you...I don't want to think about Christmas until we get the tree...we are getting it this weekend, so by Sunday, I will be ready to feel the season.

  3. I've been dragging my feet too. I'm actually feeling a little melancholy because my kids are all grown up. For me was the whole joy of the season was decorating the house and tree, making cookies and walking around the hood looking at all the lights. Now it's all about buy, buy, buy.
    I think maybe I'll decorate some cookies with my 18 and 24 year old guys. I think they'd love it and it will get me in the spirit.

  4. I feel like I am slowly getting there in regards to my holiday mood. I want to decorate the house this weekend and I am currently on the hunt for a white tree. I have a green artificial tree I bought 13 years ago but it is starting to show its age. Also, having to shape each branch and insert them individually in their own space is a pain. I would love to have a real 50s silver aluminium tree! My mother-in-law said that pink trees were popular for a while too! Talk about fun!

  5. I have that very Hello Kitty calendar! Mister Magpie found it for me! We're such grown-ups. ;) Tee hee.