Monday, 20 December 2010

Exciting Mail! - Acorn & Will and Korero Day of The Dead Book

As many of you will know,the UK has been hit with Arctic winds this weekend, bringing with it heavy snow and sub zero temperatures (currently -8 deg C where I live, Brr!)
This has obviously affected the postal deliveries, at an already really busy time. I got no post on Friday or Saturday, so was really happy when I got 7 packages through today :))
Most are supplies for work, but I did get some fun things too...
Firstly, The Day Of The Dead book from Korero books.
I saw this on the 'coming soon' page about 6 months ago and have been waiting, waiting, waiting for it to be published! Yak from Korero was supposed to be having a stall at Kustom Kristmas (the fair I did in London a few weeks ago), but because of bad weather, he couldn't make it. He'd just had the delivery of these books in too and I was dying to get one! Anyway, I ordered it online and FINALLY have it. Had a quick look through and it was worth the wait. For those who don't know - Korero is a UK independent publisher of alternative Kustom fine art, photography and design books. I have a few of them now and they really are something else.
I also got my order from online UK store Acorn & Will. I found out about Acorn & Will last weekend when reading Sue from retro greeting card company Pennychoo's blog.
They sell tons of whimsical vinatge and vintage inspired trinkets, homeware, jewellery and decorations - all at super value prices. Ticks my boxes! I bought..
Jarvis Scotty Brooch in Black - £3.75
and Mabel Swallow Brooch in Red - £3.75.
They came beautifully wrapped and with a lovely personalised note too.
The Scotty Brooch especially looks very Bakelite-ish and I love them. What a bargain! :))
Just waiting for a few more things to arrive before Xmas so fingers crossed!


  1. I love that red swallow! Too cute! The Scotty dog one is brilliant too! I have been on the cute for a resin/retrolite kitty brooch myself. I hope your holiday will be safe and warm, Clare! I know the UK is having a hard time of things weather-wise! Here in the Mid-Atlantic, things are calm. Cold but calm. We had a bit of snow last week but it was a mere 2 inches. They are calling for more this weekend but they keep saying it could go out to see and skip us. Darn! I guess since we are not getting any snow, just send some of yours my way! lol!

    Anyway, take care, Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

  2. I meant to say "I have been on the hunt for a cute brooch," not "on the cute!" lol!