Thursday, 16 December 2010

Mid Century Crockery - Homemaker Bargain!

As some of you may know, amongst other Mid Century home goodies that I like to collect, I have a rather nice vintage glassware collection. After a good few years of scoring boot sales , junk shops and charity shops we now have plenty and so I'm turning to building up our crockery collection.
I always have a good look for "useable" crockery at the boot sales/junk/charity shops - by useable, I mean plates and bowls. Tiny house = no storage space and no room for unused items!
I see so many really nice Mid Century coffee sets in fabulous patterns in great condition - but they are not practical to buy, so they stay in the shop. Over the years I have picked up some cool crockery bits like some Midwinter 'Sienna' bowls;
And some Myott 'Malaga' plates:
But to be honest - I never really see any nice vintage plates and bowls around. Im not even bothered about a set - bits and pieces would do but they are so hard to find! So, I turned to Ebay and got myself a brilliant bargain this week....
Some Iconic Ridgway 'Homemaker' plates. I love this design. For one - its a British design. It was created in 1957 by Enid Seeney for Ridgway and it was sold exclusively in Woolworths (RIP) for just 2 and a half pence a piece. They are obviously collectable and if you ever do see them in antique shops, they are about £10-£15 for just ONE dinner plate. I managed to get 6 plates (2 dinner, 3 side and 1 saucer) for just £11 the lot. The auction finished at a really random time so I didnt have much competition for my bids - hooray! Can't wait for them to arrive :))
I also love this range - Franciscan Starbust. Sadly - only available in the US. All of it is amazing, the pattern, the shapes of the crockery. I'd love some of it but shipping is too high and it would probably arrive in bits!
And some other lovelies I found online...This Autumn set is fab
As are these starbust serving plates
And these amazing plates - again US - Boo.
The hunt continues!


  1. Great buys.. I love ebay bargains.. I have malanga plates inherited by my british nan.

  2. Well done on the 'Homemaker" eBay bargain! I love this design, we used to collect it years ago and used it as our everyday crockery. It's increased such a lot in price since then. I also love the Franciscan Starburst - fabulous design, I'd like some of that!

  3. Those "Homemaker" plates are sooo cool! Good for you for getting a good buy. And you have some bowls in that Midwinter Sienna design? Love it!

    Like you, I'd love to have a nice collection of Mid Century pottery & dinnerware - but I hate paying the online shipping costs, so I just keeping hoping to run into some good deals at local estate sales.

    Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

  4. Wow great price on the Homemaker! I love the Franciscan Starburst, we used to have 4 dinner plates but just didn't envisage ever being able to buy more so sold them. I love that autumnal design!