Sunday, 26 December 2010

My lovely gifts

So, another Christmas day has been and gone! I had a lovely relaxing day with my family and thought I'd share with you some of the lovely gifts I was given yesterday...
This is my favourite :))...Sterling Silver sugar skull handmade ring - from Michael

Bright red leather gloves with bows from my friend Alison

Woodburned necklace - hand made by my friend Kate

Bright red cashmere cardigan from my parents

Super cute slippers with pom poms from my friend Jo

Spotty Doileys from my friend Emma

Vegas post it Notes from my sister, Elaine

Hand knitted jumper from an original 50s pattern - from my sister Elaine. The photo doesn't do it justice...I will take a photo of me wearing it tomorrow!
Cath Kidston bone china mug - also from my sister Elaine
For those celebrating Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely day :))


  1. Great pressies. You must've been extra good this year :) That ring is just awesome.

  2. You have been really good this year! :) Lovely presents!

  3. Love em. You are lucky your friends and fam have such good tastes and know you so well! xo!

  4. i love the bright red leather gloves! just adore your funky rockabilly style, girl. glad to have found your blog! =)

  5. So nice presents, the handknitted jumper looks great (and perhaps even better if the photo doesn't make it justice :)
    I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.

  6. what lovely presents! I have always loved red gloves, just like red shoes, seems so decadent, I don't know why ha ha!